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From Durban, With Love

TIFF Industry is helping launch filmmakers’ careers in Canada, South Africa—and around the world.

With so much going on, the Toronto International Film Festival can be a fun—if a little overwhelming—event to navigate. Now, imagine that you’re an international filmmaker attending the Festival, and visiting Toronto for the first time. You want to make the most of your experience but don’t quite know where to begin.

Thankfully, the TIFF Industry team is here to help.

As public audiences enjoy their next favourite film or take in the fun activities on Festival Street, there’s a whole parallel Festival underway, designed by our TIFF Industry team to help launch the careers of emerging Canadian and international filmmakers.

TIFF Industry maximizes the international spotlight of the Festival to connect industry veterans and celebrated filmmakers with emerging filmmakers from Canada and around the world. Talent Lab offers a rare opportunity for ten international filmmakers, and ten Canadian filmmakers to learn from leading minds, connect with industry professionals and network on an international scale. 

With the hope of building global relationships, TIFF Industry brought a version of its own Filmmaker Boot Camp to four South African locations to prepare and advise independent filmmakers on the best way to optimize their business activities at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Hayet Benkara, Programmer for TIFF Industry’s Studio Programme, reviewed over 30 film projects in development and offered unique advice for each participant of the trade mission to Toronto. She spoke to delegates about “how to Festival,” creating an elevator pitch, delivering screeners, and how to best schedule their time during Festival. Collectively, Hayet connected with 200 filmmakers in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay.

Each year – whether it’s during the Festival, TIFF Kids, or year-round with our Studio programme, we welcome international guests from all over the world in Toronto. With your support, TIFF Industry can extend its global reach and take its industry initiatives in support of emerging filmmakers around the world. 

Thank you to the many supporters who made a donation to TIFF allowing us to help give emerging filmmakers the opportunity to network, learn, meet prospective buyers and, most importantly, tell their stories.

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